Thursday, 6 May 2010


1) in what way does your media product use, develop or challange forms and conventions of real media products?

my media product is a charitable website called help our heroes it is a charity that raises money for british troops all over the world.

my website has a very plain grey background with a black border this is on every slide because it represents colours of uniforms and is conventional for all websites to have the same colours on each and every slide. the fonts for help our heroes is in a stylish posh font, this is because it is militry like, the colourof the font is ... this is because it stands out more than other colours as we did experiment with various other colours.

my website is different to others in the same catagory in many ways one main visual difference is that my colours are quite dule which makes the text stand out more. i have a silluette of solders which is not on any other army site i believe this is very affective because its one of the first things you see when you enter the site and can see what the site is about. the text is quite basic so everyone can acess the site and understand it because i believe everyone is affected by the army.

my website is simular to others ini its catagories by the pictures of solders with guns etc also that the text is basic so its accessible for everyone.

2) how does your media product represent particular social groups?

my website does not have a specific social group it is aimed at everyone in the comunity as everyone is affected by war. i want my website to be accessed by everyone in comunity therefore there will be something on there for everybody.

our representation of the army is that they are brave men who go out to fight for this country they live in rough turain and dont ask for anything in return ever. we know that anyone can be in the army and that everyone is affected by war not just through destruction but through lose of a family member, friend or loved one. therefore most people in most communities will be affected by someone dying in the army, therefore it is linked to everyone and does not have a specific social group. so it is hard to represent particular social groups when its social group is the whole population weather they are rich or poor, ethnic background etc.

to make my website accessible for everyone i would have to make the language easy for every one to use but not make people feel ignorant. the images also show solders in uniform therefore they are all equal.

4) who would be the audience for your media product?

i have a very large audience for my website therefore making it grow further would be hard however it is possible with out having to do much because the more people who join the army the more friends families and loved ones who will be interested in helping the heroes. however they might not know about the website therefore it would have 2 be advertised and published publicly where everyone can see it then access, google would be a good way to publish it also advertiser on tv during specific tv programs or films most probably ones that are army based or even action based.

5/6) from my survey i found out that my audience is everyone from all ages who are concerned or affected by the solders. our website our audience because we use a wide range of techniques one of which is our general language it is average we do not use simple words nor use extremely big ones so everybody can understand it. we use dule colours which generlly does not attract younger generations however they would only go on our website if they was intersted in war, solders etc.

7) looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have lernt in the progression from it to the full product?

my school site was very colourful and had a different layout than my main site this is because it is a completly differ genre so to speak, i personally prefuremy school site as i prefure the bright colours and the layout i think this is because i go on school sites therefore know what i want to see on them whereas i dont really go on to save our heroe sites beacuse i dont really know much about it. therefore i had to have a look at many sites to be able to make my help our heroes site i belive that making the first helped alot with our main one because we was able to try out many ideas see what worked and what didnt and try our the software. the main page was the easiest to create because we already had experience on making it but the other pages seemed harder to think of ideas fir them even after looking at simular websites.
i believe that from both tasks i am now better at taking pictures and i come out with some creative ideas such as the sillouette on our front page.
if i was to make a website again i would chose a topic that i am more familuar with that didnt have such a broard targer audience therefore i would think of a few different topics i would be interested in then survay each one and decide on the results i got.file:///Users/9556/Desktop/RD.jpg

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