Wednesday, 30 September 2009

media review

When I first started the course I quickly became familiar with what it was that we would be studying and took a great interest in it.

I had a faint idea of what we might come across in the course such as the study of films, adverts, magazines and newspapers. Also the breaking down of what films include, the complexity of music, stunts, shots of the camera and the way the camera moves.

The first piece of media we studied was Hollyoaks, this went well for me and I felt I had a general good idea of how things were constructed in the series. Creating my storyboard was the most successful chapter of work but writing the assessment came across as more of a challenge and this is one peice of work that I would like to show more understanding in, take more time on
or edit some parts of it.

After watching parts of the DVD Casino Royale, I have understood the detail and effort that goes into completing a film and how complex the music and sound was for this film. Also how sound is sometimes diagetic and the actors can't always hear what the audience can hear. This is to make the scene have more emotion for us as an audience.

Gone Fishing is also a short film which we also studied as a class. I was most impressed with the camera work and how such a simple film could become famous around the world considering how short it was.

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